46 Choice Pics to Refresh Your Perspective

As the convoy of our consciousness rolls into another work week, it's important to stay armed with some heavy-hitting weapons against boredom. And that, friends, is exactly where something of a "mixed-bag-o-fun" comes in handy. Maybe you want a little of the epic, a little of the wow and a little of the funny with a sprinkling of WTF on top of it.

And that's exactly what this gallery of choice pics is here for. So, whenever you're bored, taking a paid dump or trying to race to the clock-out, take a cautionary glance over your shoulder and dive right into this selection of fun and interesting sights from right here on Earth.

And, if this veritable cornucopia of fun randoms isn't enough for you, remember that one good turn deserves another; there's always some dankness laying in wait or some more cross-sections of cool to comb through on your next bathroom break.
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