39 Funny Tweets and Memes Courtesy of Twitter

Social media has become an endless supply of funny posts, entertaining videos, and of course memes. Of all the different apps and sites, Twitter can be a great place to see trending videos, local and national news, current events, and funny posts. There is definitely no shortage of funny people (comedians and regular folks) who often deliver a great and witty comment or perfectly timed response which may or may not be in meme format. The 140-character count can be a challenge for some when going off on a tangent or long rant, but for others, it is just the perfect amount of text to drop the bomb on some poor unsuspecting soul.

The memes that follow in this list cover a wide variety of topics and some of these I hope make you literally laugh out loud. So enjoy the rest of the weekend in style and with some pics and memes from the little blue birdie.
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