48 Pics That Are Oddly Specific

Sometimes less is more. Part of writing anything is figuring out how best to say something in the most clear and concise way possible. These people obviously don't understand that principle however, and made things that are oddly specific. Here are 48 pictures of these people.

It really seems likes these people just have so much they want to share with us, that they were not able to hold their tongues and instead gifted us with a version of textual vomit that coated our screens. They must by privy to so many secrets that they just can't hold them all in, and therefore find themselves blurting too much information out onto a pamphlet designed just to get people to stay on a certain side of the fast food drive-through. God forbid any of them actually have to keep a secret, because then there will be one more rat running around the sewer system of our society. And nobody likes a rat. They get stitches.
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