50 Memes For Those Who Chose the Dark Side

Dark humor can be described as a type of comedy that makes light of topics that are ordinarily considered taboo, especially those that are deemed serious or painful to discuss. It is frequently used by writers and comedians to explore obscene subjects by creating discomfort, serious thought, and enjoyment in their audience. Being able to laugh at yourself and even serious topics is one of the ways people cope with and processes some of the more serious subjects and issues in the world. It has seen a rise in popularity in most recent years and people who enjoy dark humor "may have higher IQs, show lesser aggression, and resist unpleasant sensations more effectively than people who despise it," according to a 2017 study published in the journal Cognitive Processing.

A whole half-hundred memes with a little bit of an edge to them for those who prefer a little less vanilla in their humor.

Some of these memes were raised in darkness, others simply acquired an edge over time. Regardless of how it happened, these memes have become twisted beyond the scope of rehabilitation.
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