55 Choice Pics to Help Pass the Time

A batch of funny, wtf, and random pics worth checking out when you need to take a break from everything else. Need more? Check out our Huge Collection of Pics for all your scrolling needs!

When things don't go well for you, and you need a shoulder to cry on, what should you do? Your husband left you, which is the reason you need a shoulder to cry on, but him being your go to shoulder in the past, you need a new option. Unfortunately your best friend is no longer an option either, seeing as she is the reason your husband is gone, the two of them scampering to the other side of the country together, never to be seen again. And you can't even look to the comfort of the American government for support, seeing as they just got rid of your right to make decisions about your bodily autonomy. The only thing you can consistently rely on is pics and memes to help pass the time. Well, so here they are.
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