57 Trippy Tuesday Memes to Wrap Your Mind Around

Whether you could use a mood boost or are just looking to kill some time grazing through a pasture of memes, this jumbo pack of memes should do the trick.

This one has a mix of new faces and familiar characters. Our friend 6ix9ine returns (is he ever going back to prison btw?) and even Spongebob makes an appearance. We're really firing on all cylinders over here so ya gotta love that.

It's funny how a lot of these memes are kind of an alternate way to find out about news and current world events. Memes might even be better at conveying news stories because they do it so quickly and with only focusing on the necessary details.

And as ridiculous as 6ix9ine is as a person, he would probably make a decent newscaster. He would always be entertaining, and because he doesn't think before he speaks, he would offer the purest, unfiltered thoughts on the moment.

Find all the memes you need and more right here.
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