59 Awesome Choice Pics To Raise Your Fun Level

There was a guy named Hank who used to hang around outside our office with Charles, his pet duck. Every morning, as people parked their cars and strolled up to the door, Hank would wave and say hello while Charles pittered about around his feet. Nobody really thought much of Hank, or Charles. He was something of a fixture of the parking lot and the Office and nobody -- not even James the intern who had been with company longer than anyone else -- could remember a time before Hank and his avian friend.

And then, one day, while everyone was milling in around 10am, Charles spontaneously combusted. We heard Hank's anguished screams from the lot and gathered by the window, watching in horror as Hank crumpled to his knees before his oldest friend, now nothing more than a pillar of flames. We could... smell the scent of roast duck through the glass.

And then, before anybody could say anything, a man rose out of the flames like something emerging from a pool. He just stepped out. Tall, bronze-skinned and covered head-to-toe with bizarre tattoos, the man patted Hank on the shoulder and left.

We watched Hank remain there, motionless and silent, as the man simply trotted off and turned the corner. We all agreed it was, by far, the most random thing we'd ever seen. We like to think that the gallery below captures some small measure of the same randomness, but we know nothing can quite match the man/possible demon that was hatched from the flames of Charles the Duck.
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