Redneck Moments Proving You’re Country AF

There are lots of ways to tell if you're a certified redneck. We've collected some of the best.

Listen, there's this stigma that country music sucks. That rednecks are the worst. That anybody who lives in the country, are just a bunch of hicks. We're here to put those arguments to rest (or confirm those to be true.) Either way we've got a healthy does of country memes and redneck debauchery.

We've collected some of the most twangy, camo-wearing, Alan Jackson mullet-inspired hicktown memes that the internet has to offer.

From trucks, to beer, to guitars, to dogs. You know, basically every country song rolled into one.

So grab a can of Skoal and a sixer of bud. Fill that Igloo cooler to the tippy top. Break out your American flag tank, and cutoff jorts. Hop in the pickup and drive on down to the Chattahootchee. We've got all the country memes for a perfect night of fishin' in the dark.
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