Cheating Wife And Her Boyfriend Are Not As Clever As They Thought

Never test the limits of a man who has nothing left to lose. Especially one as balanced and in control as this guy. He didn't just go for the throat, he won the jackpot and then a 1 and a million Super Bowl bet. He made the most epic breakup post (and well deserved) I have ever seen. This man has earned all our respect, and just goes to show, hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but scorn the wrong man and you'll be the next unwanted sex tape on the internet. Just add to it that the husband would make money off of it. I tip my hat off to you sir, and hope she ends up in a trailer park with her new beau.

Still believe that Craigslist might be the place to meet your one and only?. Or check out people who's psychosis was brought out in Craigslist ads.
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