Choosing Beggar Wants to Borrow a Car, Thinks Tesla and BMW Are Beneath Him

The world is full of people who think the rules don't apply to them, or that they deserve treatment above and beyond what the rest of us get. They throw temper tantrums or have public meltdowns when they do not get their way. It's not easy being an entitled piece of s**t. People are constantly trying to get you to lower your expectations and do things like "live in reality" and "not be a d**k" all the time. So rough.

Take this extremely entitled choosing beggar for example - he wanted to borrow a fancy car for his wedding, presumably because he's too broke to actually have one himself. So he puts the call out over social media and actually gets offers to borrow a Tesla Model 3 or a BMW M3... only to VERY rudely reject them because they're under $100,00 and that's just not good enough for this fancy lad.
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Categories: Facepalm


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