Petty Couple Gets Revenge on D-Bag at Costco

Costco is a different world. There are no rules when it comes to shopping for bulk goods.

However it is nice to see that as humans, we sometimes still have each other's backs. As the author of this petty revenge story writes, his mother accidentally ran into someone's heel with her cart at the popular bulk store. From there, sh*t hit the metaphorical fan.

Ouch? Yes. Something to whine and cry about for the rest of the day? Absolutely not. The mother apologized 'profusely' to the man that she hit, as it was obviously an accident. The man continued to berate and yell at the woman. Little did either of them realize that there were two heroes waiting in the wings. A couple was secretly watching from afar, and noticed how big of a d-bag this man was being. So when the opportunity presented itself...they took action.

I'll let the Redditor explain.
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