Boss Wannabe Gets Blasted Online for Belittling a Junior Co-worker

If you have ever worked in corporate America or really any job that you have co-workers in, then you know that navigating the workplace can be a tricky and often frustrating ordeal. From overbearing bosses to the break room Karen, there is often no shortage of drama or annoying things, even in the most harmonious of offices. Perhaps one of the most frustrating things to deal with on the job are people who think they're your boss or supervisor, even when they aren't. Couple that with passive-aggressive attitudes and actions in the office and you've got the recipe for the perfect storm of workplace hell.

Take this guy for example. He was working as a designer when his company brought on another (junior) designer. He claims he was shielding her from tougher projects while she got acclimated but then proceeds to piss and moan about it. In short, he asked Reddit if he was the a**hole in a work-related situation, and to his surprise, he found out he indeed was.
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