Obnoxious Woman Keeps Leaving Friends With Dinner Bill, Friends Finally Serve Up Some Revenge

We have all seen people who seem to have no regard for others. They think only about themselves and prioritize their needs and wants over everyone else's. No matter how obnoxious or rude they have to be to get what they want, they do not seem to have any issue with it. They often make the rest of us feel uncomfortable and creeped out. It is hard to determine exactly why some people are like this, but I assume there could be a wide variety of reasons for it. Here we have a prime example of such an entitled person.

Every friend group has that one friend that's just kind of tolerated. They're full of s**t and always starting drama but you just let it ride because you're trying to be nice. This was definitely well-deserved. Still, there's only so far someone's luck can go until they've hit the last straw, and then it's time for some sweet, sweet payback!
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