27 Disturbing Facts You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

There are many disturbing facts that most people know, but here are some that you maybe haven't heard before. Scraped together by the minds of AskReddit, here are 27 facts that are definitely disturbing, and more than a bit obscure. Perhaps by the end you'll have wished you stayed in the dark for some of these. After all, ignorance is bliss as they say.

Why do you want to know these disturbing facts anyway? I myself am more than a bit disturbed after collecting them, and am reminded more of the horrors of the world than of its wonders. We are feeble beings on the individual level after all, susceptible to all forms of malfortune from sickness to accidents to violence. I try to take a positive outlook on life, celebrating its wonder and gifts. And then I read all these disturbing facts. Read them at your own risk, and enjoy them at your own expense.
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