Gas Station Karen Doesn't Realize She's Not at a Restaurant

Dealing with other people can be either a normal or positive experience, or it can be a stressful or infuriating interaction that might make you feel like being a hermit and not dealing with the rest of humanity for a long time. One example of the latter, are the entitled people who thing the rules don't apply to them, or they should get some kind of special or extra accommodations. Dubbed "Karens" these people often think they are the only people in the world and that the world revolves around them. They hold up lines, make things awkward and uncomfortable, or have meltdowns and berate innocent employees often for things that are out of their control.

It's just a button, Karen - push it, grab your coffee, and get on with your damn life. I for one am really glad these kinds of personalities are getting increasingly called out for their terrible behavior. Karen and Kevin's reign of terror has gone long enough!
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