Dude Mistakenly Eats 1000mg Worth of ‘Stoney’ Patch Kids

PSA. Stoney Patch Kids are NOT the same as Sour Patch Kids.

One Redditor found this out the hard way. I don't know maybe this is just a lesson in common sense. Or who knows? Maybe I am dumb enough to repeat this dude's mistakes I'll let you be the judge.

But I'll tell you this, there's a reason I don't go snooping around in my wife's things. Yes this guy was just getting her phone from her purse. Yes the phone was ringing. But then to just go off the rails and grab some random gummies out of the bag??? Come on man.

Risk vs. reward. Was it worth it? Was ingesting 1000mg worth of 'Stoney' Patch Kids worth getting knocked on your a** and being bed-ridden for the next 48 hours? I don't know...I just don't know. Take a read. It's not often we post useful material on this site, so enjoy this one. You might learn something.
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