Guy Pretends to Know French to Impress In-Laws, Has to Learn It For Real When They Offer to Take Him There

I guess you could call this a case of a lie becoming the truth?

In a desperate effort to salvage the first meeting with his in-laws, this guy made a few jokes in bad French that left them absolutely spellbound. That little lie quickly snowballed into him actually wearing berets and baking baguettes, but the stakes suddenly got a lot higher when they invited him and their daughter to an all-expenses-paid trip to France and wanted to have him be their guide.

Now the poor guy's looking to find ways to *actually* get fluent so that he doesn't have to reveal the lie to his in-laws. This dude may end up having the greatest answer ever to the question, "So, how/why'd you learn this skill?"

If you've ever attempted to learn a new language yourself, you'll probably appreciate these DuoLingo memes.
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