Guy Teaches Ungrateful Weekend Warrior a Lesson in Gratitude

It's important to know who your friends are.

Here we have a story where two parties seem to have mistaken the meaning of friend; on one hand, we have a well-meaning and happy-to-help guy with a camper who's willing to lend to who he thinks of as a friend; on the other hand, we have a douchebag weekend warrior who seems to think a "friend" is somebody you can take for granted.

After lending his "friend" and his other friends his camper, our main character here gets locked out of his own vehicle and forced to sleep in the truck -- while they sleep in his bedroom and wake up fresh for their Spartan race.

What follows is an utterly predictable and absolutely satisfying response to someone who's clearly a little too entitled for their own good. A significantly FTW reminder that you should be gratefully and never to bite the hand that's feeding you.
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