Rude Police Officer Left Befuddled by Maliciously Compliant Deaf Driver

After getting pulled over for properly stopping at a four way intersection, this driver was ready to respond. The officer then mistook his hearing aids for headphones and demanded he remove them. But once he did, the officer realized he was in over his head.

According to OP, the police officer was rude and demeaning upon approach, which isn't typically appreciated by people who obey driving laws. The whole incident could have been avoided if the patrolman had simply been polite, but no, that is too much t to ask for. So instead of being rude back, OP removed his hearing aids and began to use ASL.

The stunned officer then noticed a dashcam recording the traffic stop and backed off, having found himself up against a master in malicious compliance. After seeing the camera he waved the driver away and returned to his car to pull over someone who can hear his rude demands.
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