Karen Gets Instant Karma after Prematurely Calling Tow Truck on Another Woman

Karen gets hit with a heavy dose of well-deserved karma.

Here's a question. Can people just mind their own business for once? Apparently the answer is no. Because stories like this keep being shared.

In a classic Karen move, this woman sticks her nose in somebody else's business. Then overreacts in a major way, and has to deal with the repercussions.

I'm just glad that the OP recorded this story over on the subreddit, Entitled Bitch.

One of my favorite Karen-isms, is these women thinking they have the upper hand. Like they know something you don't, when in reality they're just full of sh*t. In this case, Karen thinks she knows the owners of the home that our OP is parked in front of. Surprise, surprise. The home-owner is standing in front of you, Karen. From there, things escalate fairly quickly.

I'll let our OP take it from here. Get ready for some instant karma.
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