Karen's Own Daughter Has to Tell Her to Check Her Attitude

This is the energy the world needs right now.

This particular Karen's daughter had worked as a professional cook for many years but was always cautious about not describing herself as a "chef," as that term implies a level of professional expertise she knows she doesn't have. Of course, her mom still calls her a chef wherever they go because - well, that's not even a Karen thing, that's just how moms are in general.

This time around, however, mom decides to have a Karen moment at the butcher's because she was way too late picking up her special order and they'd already cut it up into portions that are easier to sell. Instead of acknowledging her own fault and not having answered multiple calls they made to her, she decided she was gonna have her "chef" daughter go back there and show these bozos how it's REALLY done. That's when the daughter finally had enough, and she straight up told her mom - in full Karen mode - to check that s**t and cool off somewhere else. Remember kids: like many of today's problems, minimizing the impact of wild Karens upon society begins with conversations at home.
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