Lady Accidentally Flashes Contruction Site While Trying to Get Rid of Boob Wasp

I try my best to respect life by not killing anything unnecessarily - even bugs. That said, there are a handful of things I'll make an exception for: mosquitoes can and absolutely will die by my hand if I catch them. Same with wasps - though I usually try to just hopefully scoot them away from me and/or out the window first. You see, unlike bees, who play a crucial role in agriculture via pollination of tons of yummy fruits and veggies, wasps aren't good for much other than being ill-tempered bastards who don't even have the decency to die after stinging you like bees do. No, they'll just keep coming for you until you swat them into oblivion.

This lady had an encounter with a wasp that got stuck in her hair while she was gardening... only to swat it away into her cleavage instead. What follows is a series of hilariously bad attempts at rectifying the situation - all while a bunch of construction workers across the way were staring right at her.
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