Freeloading Coworkers Get Ousted After Scapegoating the Only Dedicated Employee

After a group of coworkers ganged up on the one person doing all the work, they were exposed for being the lazy freeloaders that they are. Sometimes reality really does bit.

When you're in school it's not all that uncommon for one classmate to bear the load when working on a group project. And sadly, the same can be said for many jobs once you reach adulthood. We all know what this looks like.

However, when you're an adult working with other adults, you have the agency to do something about it. Like this Redditor who exposed her lazy coworkers after the tried to throw her under the bus for not doing her part. Except they didn't expect her to stand up for herself and ultimately were the ones paid for there inaction.

If you like feel good stories like these then check out AITA for a more stories from people who had simply had enough.
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