The Liberal Savior Complex around Barron Trump Is out of Control

Someone recently discovered that Barron Trump, Donald Trump's 14 year-old son, has an account for the video game Roblox, and his bio reads: "I like anime. I play AdoptMe. I'm nice and friendly. I don't like toxic people!!"

That info, combined with the many photos and videos where Barron either looks bummed hanging around his dad or where he's actively being ignored by his dad, people decided to start the hashtag #SaveBarron2020 and really spill their love for him.

Barron has been known to be an anime fan, which is another thing people latch onto to claim makes him more of a liberal than right-wing anything. Although watching horny Japanese cartoons doesn't necessarily make you liberal.

Considering Barron Trump is just barely a teenager, the responses to this campaign have been overwhelming and kind of creepy, with people offering to adopt him, let him run into their open arms, and photoshop anime collages to try to befriend him.

Too bad Barron's Twitter account has been turned into a retweet robot for his dad's politics, otherwise we might actually get a response from him on all this madness.

In the meantime, click here to continue hanging out with little kids.
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