Madonna Needs Some Serious Help

Nothing makes sense anymore, and we don't mean that as a joke. The world is one fire and the heat is starting to melt our frontal lobes. Madonna is no exception. If you haven't already heard, which why would you, Madonna has released a new NFT project titled, 'Mother of Creation'. The project features a series of digital renderings of Madonna that are nothing short of terrifying. The singer is drawn in the nude in a series of poses, where she attempts to connect with nature.

The drawing are pretty bad, but that's not really the point here. The point that they're bizarre, like really, really bizarre.

In one of the drawings Madonna is laid out on an operating table where is looks like she's giving birth to a tree. And in another, she seems to be giving birth to butterflies.

We have no idea who the hell is going to buy this stuff, but you know some twisted dweb is going to take out a second mortgage to do just that.
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