Ohio Memes That We Dug Out of the Dumpster

There's no scientific reason why people hate Ohio so much, but there are most definitely memes.

The Ohio meme craze is one that baffles me to this day. I mean don't get me wrong, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA we're born with an inherent hatred for all Ohio sports teams, celebrities, and vice versa. So I definitely understand the urge to lean into these memes.

But my question is, does everyone hate Ohio this much? Based on these memes it kinda seems that way. But it also seems like a self-deprecating hatred. Most of the memes we found on the subreddit IHateOhio, were actually from people who have lived, or still do live in the state.

The low-hanging fruit here is that neither the Browns or the Bengals have ever won a Super Bowl. Worse than that is a 10-year-old Ohio girl had to cross state lines to get live-saving abortion yeah, maybe f**k Ohio.
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