20 Funny Memes That Don't Want to Drive Either

Driving sucks. Well, in actuality, driving might be one of the best things that ever happened to humanity. Maybe not the planet... but humanity. It has allowed us to conquer most of the known landmass, transfer goods and services across thousands of miles and make wild escape attempts from the police. There's a lot of utility that came out of driving.

But it also kinda blows. Again, it really doesn't -- but we're a spoiled species. Back in the day people probably complained about getting on their horse or in their wagon and argued over who had to take the reigns and who got to ride shotgun. And, even back then, that was the most awesome form of transport available.

And these memes know what it's like to hit the road and get behind the wheel. The trials and tribulations of hurtling your primate a*s across great sheets of concrete and asphalt at speeds your body wasn't built for. And they feel your pain. They share it. And they hopefully give you a chuckle and help take the edge off just a bit.
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