Overworked Employee Gets 10K Raise After Independent Job Audit

Is there a better feeling in the world? We don't think so. We know it sounds cliche, but don't let anyone else tell you what you're worth. That is up to you to define and abide by because if you give people an inch they are going to take a mile.

Most stories from r/PettyRevenge are inherently sad, featuring rude bosses and overworked employees, but this story has a happy ending. After being subjected to a job audit to see if their role was still needed, this employee was given a 10k dollars raise because clearly, they were doing more work than they were being paid for. A win we never get tired of seeing.

The icing on top of this revenge cake is that the employee was so good at their job that once he stopped overperforming the whole thing came crashing down. Now that is how you do it, ladies and gentlemen.
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Categories: Facepalm Wow Epic Fail


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