People Reveal the Grossest Things They've Ever Found in Their Food

Growing up, my mom was notorious for somehow ALWAYS losing a single strand of hair in the dinners she made every night. Incredibly, that little hair always found a way to hide out of view and only reveal itself mid-bite. It was pretty much a nightly joke in our house - who was today's lucky "winner?" It definitely helped that we all knew how fastidiously clean my mom was in every possible way, so her hair posed no actual health risks.

The same cannot be said for finding hair (or a bandaid, or glass, or anything else) in your restaurant food. When that happens, it's gross as hell and since there's no way of being sure where the offending item actually came from or what kind of pathogens it may have on it, it's a serious potential health hazard as well. I consider myself incredibly fortunate (touch wood) that I've never had an experience like these folks below did.
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