33 People Who Thought They Could Defeat the Sun

There are multiple reasons to fear the sun. And we've collected a gallery full of them.

Listen. I've tried it. I've thought that I could go an entire day on the beach, no SPF, no lotion, nothing. Just bare-skin vs mother nature. And I won't ever make that same mistake again. Sunburn is one thing. The itch that it causes is another. Oh did I forget to mention that little thing known as skin cancer. Yeah wtf is that about?

So here's a quick PSA for all y'all literally trying to beat the heat. Wear sunscreen, wear a shirt. You will not win this battle. And to prove it, we've collected another batch - 33 people - to be exact who tried to fight the sun, and got absolutely toasted.

I've been trying to tell you. It's only August, baby. Summer ain't over. We got oceans that need swam in, beers that need drank, and SPF 50 that needs using.
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