Fed-Up Pilot Humiliates Selfish Plane Karen

A Karen and a plane, name a more iconic duo.

The frequency that the two can often be found together is regrettable. Having some entitled and insane individual with you when you're locked in a pressurized cylinder hurtling through the sky at nearly 600mph (for several uncomfortable hours) is not an ideal situation to be in. But it must be something about that uncomfortable situation of flying that causes these emotionally infantile people to lose their slightest semblance of sanity. You know Samuel L. Jackson is out there somewhere muttering to himself… "I am tired of these mutha fudgin' Karens on this mutha fudgin' plane."

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit in honor of the pilot's laughably petty (but righteous) actions. It was posted by Redditor u/No-Cell9903, a passenger on the plane.

They tell the tale of this entitled Karen, who thought that she was better and more clever than everyone else when she cut straight to the front of the plane before people were supposed to stand up.

It sounds like all is well that ends well here. Karen was owned, the pilot was praised, and everyone clapped.

Originally published by our friends at FAILBlog
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Uploaded 06/25/2022
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