Teacher Gets Fired When Giving Notice, Burns Grade Book and Records

A teacher gave notice and was swiftly fired by a vindictive principal, who then wanted access to their teaching records. The teacher taught a night class part-time "just for some extra cash." They taught this class for a few days every week in addition to their full-time role and the local high school. They report that they enjoyed their time at this school until a new principal came on board. After handling constant nitpicking about insignificant things, they had had enough.

Another instructor, u/SearsShearsSeries, reported that her department tormented and harassed her for ten months until she quit at the end of her contract. "I had to get in touch with police enforcement because of this. One of the department's other employees texted me yesterday to request my records and everything of my work from the previous year. Guess who received screenshots of the offensive text messages instead of my diligent work? I can't wait to have my student loans erased so I can leave schools since they are toxic cesspools."
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