22 Instagram Rich Kids Who Are Spoiled Rotten

Money buys a lot of things, but class isn't one of them.

It's gotta be nice to have so much money, you can literally do anything you want. There's nothing wrong with being wealthy or enjoying that wealth, but these rich kids of Instagram and their cringey flexing really makes you wanna slap a b***h.

Did you know, if we wanted too, most of us could also go to the bank and withdraw enough money to make it look like we have stacks and stacks of cash. It takes a lot of ones to make a few thousand after all. The difference is... we don't. Of course we don't. That kind of high level critical thinking and restraint is what has led us to amassing our massive lower middle class fortune. These people on the other hand never needed to think in any way whatsoever to come into whatever form of wealth they have, and it shows. After all, the people who stay wealthy tend not to look like this. We can't wait until these people have to learn the hard way that money doesn't grow on trees. It's too bad it won't go towards anything useful in the meantime.
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