Entitled Parents Leave Infant to Fend For Itself in Six Flags Line

Entitled parents have entered the chat.

Is entitled the correct word here? Idiotic? Insane? Asinine? I think they all apply. This story of parents who probably shouldn't be parents comes to us from the ever popular subreddit, Entitled Parents.

I do not have kids. I don't know the first thing about raising kids. OH WAIT. I do. Don't leave your infant unattended so that you and your significant other can go on an amusement park ride! What in the actual f**k?

That's what happened at Six Flags, as this Redditor goes on to state. Apparently the plan was to hop on the ride, leave the infant and stroller behind with *nobody*, and then ride the ride in its entirety. This didn't sit well with anybody in line. But most of all the Six Flags employee controlling the microphone.

I won't spoil anything for you but just a word of caution; don't be like these parents. Thanks.
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