Vegan Wants Whole Neighborhood to Take Their BBQ Inside Unless It's Veggies

Sometimes I feel bad for vegans. I actually have a couple of friends who are vegan and they're honestly pretty cool about it - they're not trying to shove their views down everyone's throat and don't really care if you eat meat in front of them as long as there's some decent vegan option available for them to munch on too. That's how it SHOULD be - everyone respecting each other's lifestyle choices.

Sadly, there are a lot (or, at the very least, enough) pushy vegans out there who give the rest of their tribe such a bad rep. People like this vegan runner who posted a lengthy request to his neighborhood via the Nextdoor app asking them to all please only cook meat indoors - with the windows closed - during summertime as the smell of it wafting through the neighborhood is oh-so-hard for this dude to bear. If you're going to grill, they'd prefer you ONLY grill veggies and leave all the meat to be cooked and consumed inside your closed apartment.

You KNOW it didn't take long before Vegan-Man was roasted to a nice, charred medium-rare by the internet.
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