William Shatner Said He Would "Do Himself" and Twitter Agrees

File this one in the bin labeled "things we never wanted to hear from celebrities and wish they would go back in time and undo."

Today, the former Star Trek star, William Shatner, found out how to use one of the many face-morphing apps out there and performed a digital gender swap on an old photo of himself.

When he saw the female Shatner he felt compelled to share it, along with the note: "I'd do me!"

At 89 years old, Shatner would probably be better off at this point not having access to a cell phone, or at least one connected to the internet. Although then we would miss out on these weird moments, so it's kind of a toss up.

Either way, some of his fans were really into the idea and encouraged Shatner to relive the glory days of yore in whatever kind of fantasy he pleases. Others, however, notified the horny police almost immediately.

Set phasers to something totally different by clicking here.
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