19 Most Unhinged Conversations With Snapchat's 'My AI'

Snapchat's new 'My AI' chatbot is supposed to be "an experimental, friendly, chatbot." Powered by OpenAI's famous GPT engine, the feature has proven to be quite controversial, with the AI pinned to the top of every user's chat feed, and only paid Snapchat+ users able to remove it. 

My AI is already more unhinged than the traditional Chat GPT platform, and users are quickly finding ways to make it say ridiculous things, and look dumb. One Twitter user, The Ghost of Tom Seaver, pointed out the hypocrisy in the AI's location tracking abilities. "No, I don't have access to your location," the AI says multiple times. That is, until it's asked to find the nearest McDonald's. "This Snapchat AI just tried to gaslight me," the user captioned their post, receiving 6.7 million views. 

According to a Snapchat blog post, "Snapchat can only ever access your location if you consent to share it." It would seem that asking for a nearby McDonald's qualifies as consent. The post also claims to have updated My AI to "clarify when it is aware of a Snapchatter's location, and when it isn't." Still, My AI can be pretty unhinged. Here are some of its craziest interactions. 

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