• Women
    • Women

      • Having followed you from the my first visit here, I am certainly sad to see you go. I have NEVER heard of them removing eBones because they deleted a gallery, and I agree that the hits happened, so the revenue was already generated. The new rules are ridiculously conservative...and administered arbitrarily. I saw a cumshot gallery labeled as something innocuous and benign posted here a week ago that was up for several days...hell it may STILL be up. They should have held their ground and kept the mature section. These things are what made this site. They have changed the format to receive additional ad revenue, but it sure seems like postings and user visits have been reduced by a large amount.
      • Sep, 26 2014 11:17am
    • Dantes Wings Gifs n Things Darkness Edition
    • Dantes Wings Gifs n Things Darkness...

      • Your Wings galleries have become my favorites here...thank you. That being said, the darkness galleries are extremely and overwhelmingly depressing...which I suppose is the point...but I can barely get through them. I just hope, if they are a cry for help, you are finding the support you need.
      • Sep, 26 2014 11:09am
    • This shit site is dying.
    • This shit site is dying.

      • I really don't care and am uninterested...but I am not smart enough to articulate that feeling in words.
      • Sep, 23 2014 09:46am
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • Buddhism is non-Theistic in the sense that there is no creator or supreme God to intercede or divine fate. This being said, there are many supernatural beings that are associated with Buddhism, the belief in which often depends on the region (as you stated) of your Buddhist roots. Currently, most Asian Buddhists tend to belief in the literal translations and include more of the supernatural elements in their belief structure. Many Western Buddhists are converted from Abrahamic religions and tend to not give as much credence to literal translations and the supernatural aspects of the belief system.
      • Sep, 22 2014 12:35pm
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • Glad to see you recognize that ALL religions are bullshit...and should be lumped in together filed under "FICTION". I'm on the fence with Buddhism...being non-theistic...but it is still a religion and is based in fantasy.
      • Sep, 19 2014 09:29am
    • Sapphire Knife
    • Sapphire Knife

      • Other than the problem of them showing up on the X-Ray...this is a great idea.I have a couple of ceramic knives, but they are folders and have metal pins and won't pass the detector.
      • Sep, 16 2014 04:35pm


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