• Uh Oh, Donald Drumpf....
    • Uh Oh, Donald Drumpf....

      • Well this went nowhere LOL. You've been waiting a looking time for Trump to go down and it still hasn't happened. Relax, you only have 7 years to go.
      • May, 30 2018 10:21pm
    • 3,519 Drumpf Russian Facebook Ads Exposed
    • 3,519 Drumpf Russian Facebook Ads...

      • You do know that Hillary and the DNC paid Fusion GPS to create the fake dossier and to give it to Steele which started this whole Russian conspiracy nonsense, right? Because it was in the Hillary/DNC email leak and posted to Wikileaks, In the emails they discuss using Trump's business history with Russia to create the conspiracy. In the Podesta emails he talks about labeling anyone they're losing and argument to as Hitler, because the "useful idiots" will spread that around. They basically talk about how stupid their own supported are lol. Just thought you should know that, maybe you can have a conversation with yourself about how you are not "useful idiots', you're just the regular kind.
      • May, 30 2018 10:18pm
    • 8 Roseanne Tweets That Are Bat Shit Crazy
    • 8 Roseanne Tweets That Are Bat Shit...

      • She's a liberal that finally saw through the lies and manipulation. I still don't like her but she is not wrong about George Soros, Th mainstream media or Valerie Jarrett trying to destroy America and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. And she does look like Helena Bonham-Carter in Planet of the Apes. I said it before, there is an old meme comparing the 2 and Roseanne probably saw it.
      • May, 30 2018 10:02pm
    • Guy Gets His Brother in Law a Joke Gift and Destroys a Marriage by Mistake
    • Guy Gets His Brother in Law a Joke Gift...

      • There have been a lot of fake galleries that were terrible but this one takes the cake. Fake tinder profiles, fake text messages, fake Facebook posts and now fake Amazon reviews? There are so many "comedy" site out there all sharing the same crap.
      • May, 30 2018 09:58pm
    • ABC Shitcans Roseanne
    • ABC Shitcans Roseanne

      • I hate Roseanne but she was referencing a very popular meme that compares Valerie Jarret to Helena Bonham-Carter from planet of the Apes, they looks exactly the same. It's an old meme from way back in 2012, and Helena is white so NOT racist. But facts do not matter to the Left, just feelings. These are the same people that have been slandering conservatives since they lost the 2000 election. They still haven't gotten over that.
      • May, 29 2018 08:08pm


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