• The Insane History Behind the “Metroidvania” Genre
    • The Insane History Behind the...

      • I only read this to see how not insane it would be. I was not disappointed. Are there even any hardcore gamers who wouldn't be bored to tears by this? If this article accomplished anything, it's convincing me that Metroidvania isn't even a thing. Open world and fighting? Isn't that like half of the games made today?
      • Sep, 18 2021 01:25pm
    • Unique Video Game Cover Art Is Dead and Gone
    • Unique Video Game Cover Art Is Dead and...

      • Now here's a video game feature that's actually interesting. My take on why video game cover art has become cliche is that it's for the same reason that action movies have become garbage. The focus now is on being cool. That's what boys and men want: a cool hero that they can pretend to be. So video game covert art now depicts a brooding tough-looking character and that's about it. Now take a look at the "cringe" galleries on this website, and specifically look at the sad dorks who pretend to be bad asses: they stand in what they think are menacing poses with scowls on their faces, parroting all the imagery of "cool" that's been shoved down their throats. It's the Circle of Dorkdom: cool heroes begets pretend cool dorks which begets more macho entertainment bullshit, ad infinitum.
      • Sep, 17 2021 01:07pm
    • Norm Macdonald Talked Out of Answering Final Question on Celebrity 'Millionaire'
    • Norm Macdonald Talked Out of Answering...

      • Meh. He wasn't talked out of the million. He was talked out of risking $468,000 on a complete guess. Norm gave his answer very casually, which didn't instill Regis with confidence. If Norm had said even a little more, like "I don't think it's Pinehurst because that seems too obvious, and I know it's not the other two, so that leaves Greenbrier," Regis probably wouldn't have pushed so hard for Norm to walk away. I mean, look how easily Norm changed his mind.
      • Sep, 17 2021 10:37am


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