• Octopus Vs Shark
    • Octopus Vs Shark

      • Burning downloaded music is legal here (Canada). That was the whole point of the ruling: we pay a levy on blank media that is supposed to compensate rights-holders for copied music. Since we're already paying for it we're allowed to copy any sound recording for personal use. When the CRIA (our version of the RIAA) sued downloaders the judge ruled it was just an extension of the current law. We can download, copy, burn, trade, mix n' match to our hearts' content as long as the person making the copy is the one keeping the copy.
      • Nov, 7 2008 01:56pm
    • Trashy Truck
    • Trashy Truck

      • No you don't. You assumed without looking too closely and now you're making yourself look like a fool. You keep painting yourself into a corner. Time to man-up and admit your mistake. Or buy some good glasses; you seem to need them.
      • Nov, 6 2008 09:12pm
    • Trashy Truck
    • Trashy Truck

      • Google "utah license plate", click "images", third column, second row: UTAH --- license plate&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title
      • Nov, 6 2008 08:58pm
    • Trashy Truck
    • Trashy Truck

      • Right, 'cause there are *no mountains* in Utah. Who am I supposed to believe my own eyes or someone who first claimed this was Afghanistan then changed it to Argentina and yet claims to know "geeagraphy"?
      • Nov, 6 2008 08:55pm
    • Trashy Truck
    • Trashy Truck

      • Guitarlover is a fucknut. The NUMBER of the plate is blacked out but the plate is clearly from Utah. Click "enlarge" for the third picture, numbnuts.
      • Nov, 6 2008 08:49pm
    • Spelling Bee
    • Spelling Bee

      • Historically the supreme ruler of Ethiopia or an alcoholic drink made of port, sugar, lemon, and spices--named for the man who invented it.
      • Nov, 6 2008 08:19pm


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