• No Free Speech at College
    • No Free Speech at College

      • Your whole whole hate speech argument contends that 1: You can Read My mind. 2. You are "FEELING" something that's wrong. 3: I should be punished for you FEEL that I am thinking. 4: What you FEEL about my thinking should be banned or deleted. When what's really going on is you're projecting your FEELINGS onto me or others of a conservative bent because I am saying something that somehow makes YOU FEEL disrespected. Your entire anti-hate platform is deeply manipulative and arbitrary to your FEELINGS.
      • Feb, 26 2020 02:22pm
    • No Free Speech at College
    • No Free Speech at College

      • are laying down in the very same ideology that you accuse conservatives to centrists of having!
      • Feb, 26 2020 02:21pm
    • No Free Speech at College
    • No Free Speech at College

      • I think most of you need a psychiatrist (especially Mechboy). And a civics lesson. Considering that you & your ilk support the prohibition of hate speech, lets imagine if the MODs / and would-be censors got their way in every aspect of society not just on this shit hole site what would our society look like? Not that I'm on here to defend True & real HATE SPEECH but we in this country have the luxury of looking to an actual world full of hate speech prosecutions in the many nations that do not enjoy our broad free speech protections. For example, in Pakistan, people are arrested and sentenced to death for blasphemy for insulting Islam, while in Egypt, individuals are arrested for waving rainbow flags at concerts. You morons calling for a world without *hate speech need not look too far back to envision the society you seek to create (* again, I'm talking what you oversensitive soy boys call hate speech, not true hate speech). Open your eyes and say seig heil mutherfacker, because you
      • Feb, 26 2020 01:20pm
    • Professional Manner & Personal Opinion
    • Professional Manner & Personal Opinion

      • I'll be leaving soon. And you socialist dipsticks will run this site into the ground as youre already on trajectory, but before I leave, What is wrong with that post you're using as an "example" ? The show did air..There is no profanity. There is a direct correlation to what aired many years ago on that Law & order show to what E. Jean Carroll was claiming. What's so racist and subversive about it? You're pathetic.
      • Feb, 26 2020 12:56pm
    • No Free Speech at College
    • No Free Speech at College

      • Riiight, and you 2 powder puffs get to decide just what is Hate Speech. Thank God you're protecting us all from such evil (wolves watching the henhouse). F you.
      • Feb, 26 2020 11:31am
    • No Free Speech at College
    • No Free Speech at College

      • Personal Opinion
      • Feb, 26 2020 11:29am


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