• Badass Chick Gets Hit by SUV Twice And Still Beats Up The Driver
    • Badass Chick Gets Hit by SUV Twice And...

      • The girl who got hit by the van deserved true justice, not the type of justice government gives out. Beat down justice! Government only cares about society so they'll "rehabilitate" you. What about the person who got hit by the van? She deserves to beat the crap out of that fat girl to attain personal justice.
      • Aug, 25 2017 09:44am
    • These Public Servants Have Outed Themselves As Nazi Sympathizers
    • These Public Servants Have Outed...

      • These guys don't support nazis. First of all, look at what those "Antifa" people are doing. Causing public trouble, looting, burning, attacking people, censoring free rational speech, Antifa are the real bad people. Antifa are just like the nazi, they discriminate against others because they have a group mentality where if you're not part of their group, then you must be "wrong" or "evil". Be objective people, look at things for what they truly are. Actions speak louder than whatever your label calls you.Just because a criminal calls himself a Superhero doesn't make him one. The criminal still robs, rapes, and murders people. Superheroes don't do that.
      • Aug, 18 2017 08:05am
    • Guy Finds Out The Hard Way What It's Like Being A Woman In The Workforce
    • Guy Finds Out The Hard Way What It's...

      • This is bullshit. This never happened. If you work in a professional environment, you will NEVER ever sign a document, agreement, or anything if it wasn't you who actually did it. The reason for this is accountability. If you sign your name on something and the result is negative, no matter what you say, the only thing that matters is you signed it and you'll be taking responsibility for it. This is just a new wave crazy feminist agenda pushing! The old feminists have already succeeded in making women who work, vote, and do things that men do a normal thing in society. The new crazy feminists just want extra benefits and so they pretend there's still that kind of bad treatment towards women in general.
      • Aug, 12 2017 08:52pm
    • Veteran Teaches Girl Who Shamed Him For Being A Dad On Tinder Some Respect
    • Veteran Teaches Girl Who Shamed Him For...

      • I don't think the girl "got shamed" at all. First the vet calls the kid a "miracle" and then later on he calls it an accident. It's like he was trying to make a big issue about the girl unmatching him and so he wanted to make their little non-issue conversation go "viral". He failed. The girl's right to unmatch him if that's how he deals with criticism.
      • Aug, 2 2017 09:54am


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