• Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam
    • Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam

      • Got cut short.... Anyway, I'll come every once and a while to work on getting the last few points I need for the gift card, but that's about it. I don't care to get to know the odd mix of druggies, kids, and left-wing extremists that this site is mostly made of. Gotta say, you're the first person I've seen here who can put a coherent paragraph together. So, for that, my hat goes off to you. I apologize if my original comment offended you.
      • Nov, 1 2009 01:27pm
    • Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam
    • Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam

      • Big and bad? Hardly. I am about 5'8 and 150lbs. Even in the Army, I was a medic. I wasn't a combat soldier. But I have seen plenty of people get shot, and it looks nothing like the above. Most of your videos are great, and I've given many of them 5 stars. Even many of yours that haven't been featured deserve to be. However, the above one is just crap. Nothing personal. As far as wanting to be an internet badass, I don't think so. I just want the $100 dollar Amazon gift card, so I can buy some more books. I am about 20,000 points away from getting that, and once I do, I will have no more interest in Ebaums. As for the many comments I make, most of them are nonsense things like "what!" and "huh!" -- nothing really negative or "witty". I post them not so much because I want to say something, but simply to get the 3 points they give. As far as coming here in "sporadic fits", the truth is I have neither the time nor interest to come to this site on a regular basis. I'll come every once
      • Nov, 1 2009 01:22pm
    • Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam
    • Mafia Hit Caught on Security Cam

      • absolutely not real. i've spent two years in a-stan, and that's not what happens when a man gets shot at that range, even with a handgun. and that woman didn't seems concerned enought to see what made that sound. she just walks away.
      • Nov, 1 2009 11:33am


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