• Girl Thinks She Knows The Law But Ends Up Getting Arrested!
    • Girl Thinks She Knows The Law, Goes To...

      • So the officer admits she wasn't doing anything illegal but instead says "you're slowly reaching to that point". Therefore, it was a false arrest. She didn't need to identify herself since she hadn't committed a crime. She was wrong about the free inhabitant thing though, but that doesn't change the fact that she was arrested for "slowly reaching to that point" of doing something illegal (but not quite getting to that point).
      • Jul, 30 2015 08:03pm
    • Firefighters Shoot Douchebag's Interfering Drone Out Of The Air
    • Firefighters Shoot Douchebag's...

      • It has everything to do with the 1st amendment. Freedom of the press, which photography/filming are protected while filming on public property (especially filming public officials). Stand up for your rights, my good sir.
      • Jun, 17 2015 06:24pm
    • Woman Pulls HUGE Lump of Earwax From Man’s Ear
    • Woman Pulls HUGE Lump of Earwax From...

      • And they clean the floor, and it breaks my heart in two and they're just bush clapping and that, that mere guns they hid that paper that they covered your, your your,.. your, sign it and made a copy where your thing is.. out dated or you had your common papers for it.. cause he was just passing this month.. You don't need to do that.. And they interviewed.. that umping.. and that paper so that they put their judgement on like that then that thing over there .. they give them the whole thing on it then.. Yeah, who dro.. Remember that, kind of that thing? Of all these.. Mexico of all congested.. And I went to hang hang.. At first of all these gestures.. And um after that.. they got the grey fun.. are juck.. She got, um.. and then that time I had to get out of there.. He was, um.. a spotter.. So he did that.. and then after that we went.. to Toolorosa we went towards Awkville.. you know where the claps is that where would be that thing? There's only, there's only one lane left.. You know
      • Jun, 17 2015 06:15pm
    • Firefighters Shoot Douchebag's Interfering Drone Out Of The Air
    • Firefighters Shoot Douchebag's...

      • How is photography harassment? He was filming on duty public officials from a safe distance in public air space. It's called the 1st amendment. They owe him a new quad-copter and camera..
      • Jun, 9 2015 04:44pm


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