• Government Fail Collection
    • Government Fail Collection

      • The general idea from the organization Anonymous, is that Guy Fawkes was given away by an anonymous letter in 1605.
      • Dec, 6 2012 10:22am
    • Government Fail Collection
    • Government Fail Collection

      • MeMo, I took Constitutional Law and Political Science in school, and had friends who majored in criminal justice. If you kept up with any sort of case studies, such as Massachussetts v. Gilk, and Maryland v. Graber, you would see that the public does have a first amendment protected right to film public officials. Give it a looksie, and make sure to first educate yourself, and then your classmates.
      • Dec, 5 2012 11:09pm
    • Government Fail Collection
    • Government Fail Collection

      • It is not illegal, the government films the public constantly w/o any permission. Also, they are a public official (which is the only reason the gov't gets away with filming the public, because you are in the "public eye.")
      • Dec, 5 2012 10:49am


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