• WTF Signs
    • WTF Signs

      • Free dirt is not the strange of a sign.. people love their fill dirt, especially the free kind.
      • Oct, 29 2012 01:52pm
    • Anarchism
    • Anarchism

      • I've had a job since could work, thank you. I never had a choice in that matter, hence part of the problem. Also, no one is blaming anyone, it's a cultural issue. Everyone walks around with their heads down and does what is expected of them and nothing else. Like a well-dressed herd of sheep.
      • Oct, 28 2012 08:04pm
    • Personal Artwork
    • Personal Artwork

      • Thanks!! I've drawn forever, just was lazy and never cropped the photos. I'm 25 now, well past high school years, and most of them are from that time. I'll have to search deeper for the rest, but I always vowed to keep anything that I did (my high school art teacher saved some of my pieces for furture classes, though) I appreciate your tips, and they will go well noted :D
      • Oct, 28 2012 06:37pm
    • Anarchism
    • Anarchism

      • There's no telling the outcome to that, unfortunately. People can be funny.
      • Oct, 28 2012 05:21pm


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