• no you can't
    • no you can't

      • There's an autistic guy that was on Stan lees super humans that can play anything on the piano in any style, it was amazing ...
      • May, 7 2014 03:41pm
    • Ten ways to make a million bucks
    • Ten ways to make a million bucks

      • Lol ur still here ... Haha didn't read ur comment it's long.. Usually a long comment means someone's trying to sound smarter than they are...
      • Feb, 27 2014 03:24am
    • Relationships and Money.
    • Relationships and Money.

      • Amen .. everything is shared in a marriage.. Ty, sounds like you two already have things at good standing so you will be fine. The communication you two have will come in super handy in the married life. Your priorities also sound correct. So go for it !
      • May, 30 2012 03:53am
    • what if
    • what if

      • They still think your neko ? sheesh. I loled because i remember when u had this thought. hahahahah
      • Mar, 22 2012 02:22am
    • obamahama
    • obamahama

      • Lol Laptopia I didnt even notice that until now, thanks. And yea tom, I understand him too but no matter who "we" choose, whether a democrat or republican, they will always be controlled by the bankers. That is unless someone who supports our constitution is chosen. People do not even know the freedoms and rights they are suppose to have.. haha I am going to stop cause i could talk about our "government", banks, and the constitution alll day long ! hehe
      • Sep, 10 2011 04:41pm


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