• 10 Bizarre Fashion Trends From the Past!
    • 10 Bizarre Fashion Trends From the Past!

      • #6 shows a picture from Japan instead of England. In Japan, teeth blackening is known as Ohaguro. Ohaguro existed in one form or another for hundreds of years and was seen amongst the population as beautiful until the end of the Meiji period. Objects that were pitch black, such as glaze-like lacquer, were seen as beautiful.
      • Nov, 12 2020 06:59pm
    • Need more proof?
    • Need more proof?

      • This proves you have no idea of even basic science. If you compressed the earths mass to the size of basketball, the density would cause extreme gravitational pull, even greater than the normal size earths. If you compressed it to the size of a golf ball, you would create a black hole whose gravitational pull would be so immense that not only water would be trapped, but light as well, and you body would be ripped to shreds as you approached it.
      • Sep, 7 2020 01:21am
    • Kim Klacik's Campaign Ad For Congress
    • Kim Klacik's Campaign Ad For Congress

      • Vote for me, I have no solutions. Good luck with that. All big cities have their problems, she and you are simplifying the issue by ignoring the long history of public and private redlining and segregation that created the ghettos and slums in American citites, this is a legacy of systemic racism. Yet you ignore the fact that all the poorest shithole states with the worst rankings on all measures, poorest, worst in education, access to healthcare, highest murder rates, etc are almost all red states.
      • Aug, 19 2020 11:05am


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