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About Me

Umm.. I'm Jewish, I like batman, mad max, tank girl, comic books, wooden shoes, the word chateaus, your mom and hand cream. Not specifically in that order... well.. maybe. I'm an avid uploader of various types of entertainment. Please subscribe and enjoy!

I have a tank.. join me if you want to live.. or get gypstomped.

"Gyps: putting shit in to perspective since she
slithered out from a wet cunt " - facelessking

"Live chat without gyps is like sex with a condom. all of the intent for pleasure and none of the feeling." -zerocool924

"I nominate Gyps Wasteland thanksgiving blog as
the best blog all year" - fartknocker

"Gyps is this a poop on my head?" - vagabondie

"Gyps is a piece of shit." - Gyps

"I wish whiskey was work." - some fucking superhero around these shit parts (Sept 19, 2014)" - BokChoy

- Hold's the title of EBW's 4th fact.

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